Our Story

Aviation Mobility Solutions (AMS) was created with the fundamental belief that the PRM industry was long overdue for some new and innovative products which could benefit both the PRM customer and the aviation industry at the same time. With this goal in mind, the founders of Aviation Mobility Solutions began an extensive search of the different products currently available in the marketplace. AMS was looking for a product that would literally change the current paradigm used by service providers and airlines worldwide. Their search paid off when they were introduced to the Mobby product line. AMS is proud to be the sole distributor for Mobby products in the Americas. Welcome to the new paradigm in PRM service. Welcome to cost savings. Welcome to Aviation Mobility Solutions.


Do you have any estimated cost savings you can share?

We anticipate that any airport which uses the e-Mobby will save anywhere from 10 to 20% on their overall cost of labor. These amounts will vary based on the specifics of the airport.

Will these cost savings work in all airport?

Yes. The Mobby transportation devices can be utilized in all airports. Utilization of the e-Mobby will be based upon approval from each specific airport. The airports where the e-Mobby will be most beneficial are those with longer concourses, or which have longer push distances.

How does the product compare to other products in the markplace?

The Mobby 3 represents the latest technology in the PRM industry. From its enhanced braking system to the larger luggage compartment and center buckle seatbelt, the Mobby 3 is simply the best most functional PRM service device in the industry.

How does the e-Mobby work?

The e-Mobby utilizes a patented process to connect multiple Mobby 3 chairs together in a single file line. This process allows one service agent to assist three passengers at the same time, dramatically reducing the required manpower.

Is the e-Mobby patented?

Yes. The e-Mobby and Mobby 3 PRM transportation devices are fully patented.

How can the e-Mobby and Mobby product help us?

Absolutely. The Mobby is simply the safest most cost effective way to assist PRM customers in the market place today. Cost, Efficiency and Safety. If these items are important to your operation, then the Mobby and e-Mobby PRM transportation devices are the product for you!


We really like the idea have having retractable seatbelts because they are less likely to be hanging/dangling to be damaged. We also love how the mobbie does not stop when the attendant lets go, it has a breaking mechanism similar to antilock brakes. The new mobbie carts are great because they are enclosed so no one falls in and out. - Eric Lipp, Open Doors Organization
e-Mobby has helped us move hundreds of thousands of PRMs since 2016 safely, efficiently and reducing the overall stress for both PRMs and my wheelchair agents. Hong Kong International Airport is a major hub for transit traffic between the US/Europe to Asia with the need to rapidly move the PRMs between arrivals and departures. e-Mobby addressed that need while improving margins by reducing manpower costs with excellent reliability and great after sales support. - James Carey Jr, Worldwide Flight Services

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