Introducing the e-Mobby. This revolutionary mobility device is far and away the most cost efficient way to transport multiple PRM passengers, in the safest manner possible. E-Mobby uses patented fixtures to connect Mobby 3 wheelchairs together. The end result is a reduced airport footprint, a safer process for PRM’s assistance which is also more comfortable and in today’s market, a much more cost effective process for PRM assisntace. The e-Mobby is a must for any airport/airline or service provider who is focused on being Cost Effective, Cost Efficient, and Cost Reducing.

Back Cushion


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Luggage Hook

Luggage Trolley

Seat Cushion

XL Back Cushion

XL Seat Cushion

This is the greatest product ever. I highly recommend this product.
John Smith, Detroit Metro Airport

I'm so happy I purchased this product. Don't know what I would do without it.
Susan Jones, Portland International Airport

You need to get this product. You will be very happy you did!
Karen Thomas, Washington Dulles Airport